to Manufacture Neoantigen Peptides for the PANDA (Personalized and Adaptive) Cancer Vaccine Program.

SUNNYVALE, California, Feb. 19, 2019 – CPC Scientific Inc., a leading global CDMO specializing in synthetic peptide manufacturing, announced today that they will manufacture GMP-grade neoantigen peptides for investigators at UNC Lineberger Comprehesive Cancer Center (LCCC) for the purpose of individualized immunotherapy. CPC Scientific will supply GMP-grade neoantigen peptides, the sequences of which will be determined via genomics and bioinformatics, for use in the LCCC therapeutic neoantigen vaccine program. CPC Scientific Inc. will manufacture approximately 10-30 custom peptide sequences for each patient.
Vaccines that activate the immune system play a key role in the prevention and treatment of human diseases. The development of cancer vaccines, however, have only been effective in virus-caused cancers such as human papillomavirus-induced cervical cancers. It has long been known that T cells play important roles in recognition and control of tumor cells (2001, Shankaran). Harnessing T-cells to target and kill specific cancer cell types (i.e., immunotherapy) has emerged at the forefront of novel cancer therapeutics. Traditional immunotherapy approaches involving the targeting of existing tumor epitopes has had limited success mainly due to the low T-cell avidity from thymic selection and central tolerance. The limited success of traditional immunotherapies outside of the viral-induced cancer types has created additional opportunities for new therapies to emerge.